Articles by Casey Piket

1972 Perfect Season

The Decades: 1970 – 1979

South Florida was the center of politics in the early 1970s. Both party’s political conventions were held on Miami Beach. Richard Nixon accepted the Republican nomination and Senator George McGovern…

Paul George at Cocoplovis Mansion on Brickell Ave in 1988

Miami’s Walking Encyclopedia

One of the most common requests from our members is to hear the story of how Dr. Paul George became a Florida historian. In particular, people want to know how…

Port of Miami in 1964

The Decades: 1960 – 1969

Growth during the decade of the 1960s was an extension of the growth experienced in the prior decade. With the building and opening of expressways, the suburbs experienced rapid growth….

Miami Skyline in 1950s

The Decades: 1950 – 1959

The 1950s represented a decade of tremendous growth for South Florida. It also presented a lot of issues that lingered from pre-war Miami. The biggest issue was the growth of…

Flagler Street on VJ Day in 1945

The Decades: 1940 – 1949

The first half of the 1940s was defined by World War II. Miami and all of South Florida was taken over by the military. Given its ideal climate and topography,…

Dinner Key in 1930s

The Decades: 1930 – 1939

The seventh episode of the Miami History Channel features the decade of the 1930s. The decade of the Great Depression brought both despair and opportunity. Florida began to ease out…

Flagler Street in 1925

The Decades: 1920 – 1929

The sixth episode of the Miami History Channel features the decade of the 1920s in Miami and South Florida. The 1920s could easily be described as the most eventful decade…

Parade down Flagler Street in 1911

The Decades: 1910 – 1919

The fifth episode of the Miami History Channel features the second decade of the twentieth century in Miami. The beginning of the decade was highlighted by the celebration of Miami’s…

Flagler Street looking East in 1900s

The Decades: 1900 – 1909

The fourth episode features the first decade of the twentieth century in Miami and southeast Florida. The turn of the century represented a time of development and moderate growth. Miami…