The Decades: 1890 – 1899

The third episode of the Miami History Channel will provide the story of the people and events that led to the incorporation of the City of Miami in the middle part of the decade. The agreement between Flagler, Tuttle and the Brickells set off a series of events that marked the beginning of the Magic City.

Episode three is a continuation of the series called “The Decades”. This episode will begin to align the time period covered with a true “decade”. The 1890s will start an evolution that will shape the area of Dade County and Miami into a major metropolitan area in the United States.

The outline for Episode 3 is as follows:

Scene 1: Early Communities of Southeast Florida

  • Miami Beach
  • Coconut Grove
  • Biscayne Bay Company
  • Black Grove
  • Cutler

Scene 2: Julia Tuttle

  • Mother of Miami
  • North Bank of Miami River
  • Offers to Henry Flagler

Scene 3: Henry Flagler

  • Freezes of 1894-95
  • James Ingraham
  • Agreement with Julia Tuttle & Brickells

Scene 4: Building of Miami

  • Avenue D
  • Hotel Miami
  • Royal Palm Hotel
  • Sewell Brothers
  • Dr. James Jackson

Scene 5: Incorporation of Miami

  • Early Businesses & Infrastructure
  • Site of Incorporation
  • Important figures of Incorporation
  • Royal Palm Hotel

Scene 6: Camp Miami & Fort Brickell

  • Spanish American War
  • Camp Miami
  • Fort Brickell

Scene 7: Tragedy & Illness

  • Death of Julia Tuttle in 1898
  • Yellow Fever Epidemic in 1899

The decade of the 1890s was arguably Miami’s most transitional and important decade. It was the time of the formal establishment of the area as the City of Miami. It was also a time when many of the mover and shakers of the early twentieth century would arrive and make their mark on the developing area.