The Decades: 8000BC – 1849AD

The first episode of the Miami History Channel will share the story of Miami’s earliest inhabitants. Due to recent archaeological findings, it has been determined that Miami’s history dates back at least 10,000 years.

The first set of episodes will focus on Miami’s historic timeline. The series is called “The Decades” and will build on Miami’s story by walking through the decades. The outline for Episode 1 will be as follows:

Scene 1: Land & Early Inhabitants

  • Region’s Physical Characteristics
  • First Inhabitants – Tequesta

Scene 2: The Spanish Missions

  • Juan Ponce de Leon
  • Pedro Menendez
  • Tequesta Missions

Scene 3: Change of Ownership

  • English Period
  • Second Spanish Period
  • America Buys Florida in 1821
  • Territorial Florida

Scene 4: Seminole Wars

  • Cape Florida Lighthouse
  • Fitzpatrick Plantation
  • Second Seminole War
  • Formation of Dade County
  • Armed Occupation Act of 1842
  • William English
  • Ferguson Brothers

The shoreline of Biscayne Bay and the Miami River played host to a lot of interesting cultures and events from its beginning until the mid-nineteenth century. Episode 1 will discuss and provide illustrations to educate and entertain the Miami History Channel member on the beginning of the area that would become Miami.