Why Join?

Why Join the Miami History Channel?

The Miami History Channel was created to provide educational and entertaining videos about Miami’s rich history. The topics of the videos will center on the people, places and events that are notable and have shaped the city’s development into the international center of trade and tourism that it is today.

  • Get unlimited access to a documentary library about Miami’s History as narrated by Dr. Paul George, one the most notable historians, educators and tour guides in South East Florida.
  • Learn the intriguing stories of the places and buildings around Miami-Dade County.
  • Understand how Miami became the international city that it is today.
  • Hear the stories of the people that shaped the evolution of Miami from a wilderness outpost to a fascinating urban area in just 115 years since incorporation.
  • Learn about the indigenous people who occupied the banks of the Miami River long before Florida was discovered by European Explorers.
  • All for a nominal annual fee.

The founders of the Miami History Channel are committed to releasing at least two new documentaries per month. If you become a member, you will be entertained and educated while learning about Miami’s fascinating history.

Please join us on our journey through the decades for the first several episodes of the Miami History Channel. Following the decades series of episodes, the channel will focus on the people, places and events that have made Miami the Magic City.