The Decades: 1850 – 1889

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The second episode of the Miami History Channel will share the story of the wilderness of Southeast Florida prior to incorporation. Although Miami was not the center of many of the mid-nineteenth century conflicts, there were certainly notable events that impacted what was mostly a small outpost until incorporation.

Episode two is a continuation of the series called “The Decades”. Although not quite keeping to the customary definition of a single decade, it provides an overview of what the area around Biscayne Bay and the Miami River was like prior to the incorporation of the City of Miami.

Length of Video: 27 minutes & 20 seconds

The outline for Episode 2 is as follows:

Scene 1: Mid-19th Century Conflicts

Scene 2: Post Civil War

Scene 3: People of Mid-19th Century

Scene 4: Economic Endeavors of Pre-Miami

Scene 5: Early Settlements

The time period from 1849 to 1890 would set the stage for the key pioneers that would be instrumental in the founding of the City of Miami, as well as, the building and development of the city for the following decades. Learn about the people and events of the mid-nineteenth century.

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  1. | June 4, 2017 at 11:55 am | Reply

    I was born at Mt. Sinai Hospital January 1954 on Miami Beach! I never thought people lived in Miami during the 1850’s!

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