Downtown Miami, Florida in 1919

Downtown Miami, Florida in 1919

The Miami History Channel was created to provide educational and entertaining videos about Miami’s (Florida), rich history. The topics of the videos will center on the people, places and events that are notable and have shaped the city’s development into the international center of trade and tourism that it is today.

The channel’s first set of episodes will be part of a series called “The Decades”. The decades will provide a set of videos that will cover the time sequence of Miami from 8000BC to modern times. Although each video may be organized to cover more than a 10 year period, Miami’s historical timeline will be the focus of “The Decades” series.

Each video will consist of pictures, short video clips and narration by the two founders: Dr. Paul George and Casey Piket. Both founders have roots in the Miami area and are passionate about the city, the surrounding area and local history. Click on the links below to learn more about the founders.

The Miami History Channel is a paid membership site. For an annual subscription, the member will get full access to the full library of videos available on the site. The founders are committed to adding at least two videos per month to ensure members get full value from their membership.

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