The Decades: 8000BC – 1849AD

Tequestas in EvergladesTequestas in Everglades

The first episode of the Miami History Channel will share the story of Miami’s earliest inhabitants. Due to recent archaeological findings, it has been determined that Miami’s history dates back at least 10,000 years.

The first set of episodes will focus on Miami’s historic timeline. The series is called “The Decades” and will build on Miami’s story by walking through the decades. The outline for Episode 1 will be as follows:

Scene 1: Land & Early Inhabitants

Scene 2: The Spanish Missions

Scene 3: Change of Ownership (Spanish, English and United States)

Scene 4: Seminole Wars

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Archaeological discoveries provide evidence of people roaming the banks of the Miami River from a very early period. There were many distinct phases of culture from 8000 BC through the mid-nineteenth century. Episode 1 will discuss and provide illustrations to educate the Miami History Channel member on Miami’s earliest time period.

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A special thank you to Theodore Morris for giving permission for the images on the Tequesta Indians, which includes the featured image for Episode One. Go to Florida Lost Tribes to see more of Theodore’s paintings.

2 Comments on "The Decades: 8000BC – 1849AD"

  1. | April 10, 2016 at 1:48 pm | Reply

    I enjoyed Dr George’s talk very much and look forward to subsequent lectures.

    Can you post a basic bibliography of sources (web sites, books, articles) where you might find more information?
    If available, can you post more information and sources for the some of images used in each talk?


    • Irwin, excellent suggestion. I was planning on providing an inventory of the pictures along with attribution. Given your suggestion, I will also provide links to books and articles that provide more information on the topics in each episode. Thank you very much for the feedback!!

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